Friday, November 16, 2012

The World Hates You

No, really. I realize that you are a likable type. People seem to enjoy being around you, organizations are glad to have you as a member (with the annual fee of course), and you cannot think of a single person who could be described as an enemy. Perhaps you are leading a sheltered life.

This is not mere wondering. Job was not always suffering. We know that before the four messengers arrived with their stinking pile of bad news, Job lived a protected and prosperous life. You may be living that way right now. However, when you and I declared our surrender to Christ, we became traitors in the eyes of the world's prince. Without God's sovereign protection, the enemy would come upon you in a rush and thrown down your puny human strength. I use 'you' because I have been thrown down more than once when depending upon my own strength, so I can speak from painful experience. Only when I call out to the Savior can I come back with a spirit of power, of love, and with a sound mind. (See 2 Timothy 1:7)

We are sheltered from the full might of the world's dark powers. But the wonderful thing is that we are sheltered by the might of our Lord Jesus. We may call Him shepherd, but to the wolves of the enemy He is a terror and a scourge. Jesus does not appear to our adversaries as the kind, patient, and lowly sheep herder, but rather as the angry Almighty. Jesus hates the lies of the devil, and retribution is coming, count on that!

Praise the name of Jesus this fine Friday!

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