Monday, November 12, 2012

Much Better!

Good morning on this fine sunny day! I had a good, but quite cold walk this morning, praise God for a new day! The truth is a good thing to hold tight, but sometimes it shines with a painful clarity on our present condition. Yes, it may be true that you are ill this morning, but it may be much better to look to the healing power of Jesus. Yes, it is true that the forces arrayed against us in the spiritual realm are far beyond our strength. However, the power of our Lord Jesus is more than equal to all of the evil powers and principalities combined. How much better is it to dwell on that thought instead? I am weak, and thou [God] art mighty. Yes, a good thought overcomes a bad thought, but what about, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Much better for my peace when the estimate of my strength is not based on my strength alone, but on the overwhelming might of Jesus himself.

As we come to realize our weakness through the trial of our faith, we tend to look upon our imperfection with the perfectionist's eye. How bright the flawless diamond must look to the experienced jeweler when she first gazes solemnly on a ball of lint. With the perfection of the Law staring at our lint, we might feel a bit unworthy. However, God looks upon the perfection of His Son as He gazes upon those reborn in Christ. We dare not ignore our true condition, but at the same time let us remember what God sees in Christ Jesus. Now, look on your condition with your imperfection covered by the perfection of Christ. Much better! It may be that we once again have it backwards in this world. The true condition is what Christ has made us - the flawless diamond, and the temporary fuzz of that lint is what we see too much of in this life and is the part that will be washed away in God's perfect time.


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