Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You For Another Opportunity, Lord

Good morning on this day a week before the big Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, the fourth Thursday comes on the early side this year; we will have one more Thursday even after Thanksgiving this year... and why am I blabbering about that today? Talk about your useless facts. Every day is a new opportunity to give thanks to God for all that we enjoy in this life, and better to give thanks for what we can expect in eternity with Christ Jesus! Every day we also have the opportunity to spread the good news of our Lord. Each day we can sing a song of praise, speak a prayer of blessing for someone in need, and give to help others. We have much opportunity to be thankful for in this day.

Did you get up this morning thanking God for the new day? Or did your aches and pains jump on board first before you could even give a 'Thank you' or grab a shirt to wear? Yeah, me too, but that is no reason to forget to thank the Lord for this day. Perhaps our most honest thanksgiving this morning was for pain relievers in the medicine cabinet. Hey, thank the Lord for whatever gives you cause for praise and gratitude. I don't know why we have so many maladies that need pills and such these days, I just know that we are suffering in so many ways. Perhaps a belief in science without God causes two problems for every one that it solves. Give the glory to God and trust in Him first!


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