Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Place Where There Is Nothing

Hrmm, I hoped that waiting for breakfast would bring inspiration, but I'm still trying to run the motor on an empty tank. Can God work through you and me in the place where we have nothing to offer Him? When did we start thinking that we have something to offer God? I could see that if a billionaire came to God and offered all of his money, maybe God would take notice. Just think of all the good God could do with a billion dollars. Nope, God doesn't need a pile of cash from us, no matter how much it is. Someone with a special talent then? Perhaps the only person in the world capable of making some thing that we all need could offer his wares to God. Nope, God created the Christ child without a man's help, why would He need any of us to make something for Him?

You may think that you have nothing to offer God, and you would be correct. I have nothing to offer God. We have nothing put together that God needs. Yet, when we come to the cross in repentance, God accepts all of you and me. After we have come to the place where there is nothing, we then have something to offer God - our very own sinful selves. All of the things we value in this world - wealth, health, and material junk - God may use, but He has no real need for more of that stuff. Instead God accepts the sick, the weary, the sinful, the bankrupt business man, the alcoholic in the gutter, the criminal in prison at her wits end for how to live a life in the outside world, and even you and me when we seem to have nothing to offer.

Give it up to God, and let Him take it from here.

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