Thursday, November 22, 2012

Peace, Joy, and Thanksgiving!

A great good morning to you on this Thanksgiving holiday! May you and your family know and feel the blessings of Christ Jesus on this day. A cold front is blowing in this morning, perhaps you and I can start a front of our own blowing through the land. A front of gratitude might shake the world if enough people join in the prayers with a grateful attitude.

Thank God for Peace. Yes, we do have areas at war around the world, but much of the world is at peace. We do not forget those serving overseas in our nation's defense, but we give thanks for the many at peace today. Joy is not an everything's perfect circumstance, but a belief in the promise that one day all will be healed and made right as Jesus brings us to Himself forever. We live in the now, but we also live with God's great promise in Christ. Thank God our sins are forgiven!

Thanksgiving is a time to set aside the striving and give thanks to God. You will hear many expressions of thanks today, but make sure that yours are directed to the Great Provider and author of our faith. Give thanks to God for even those things that you may not be thankful for on most days. One day, God may let us know the reason we should be thankful for that painful or hurtful thing in our lives. For now, we give thanks in faith to God our Father.

Grace, peace, and gratitude to those who bear the name of our Lord Jesus Christ on this day!


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