Friday, November 30, 2012

No, You May Not!

Good morning on this fine Friday. We are allowed much in the Christian life as long as we do not violate our tender conscience. However, are there things not allowed? Sure, you may not think less of Jesus simply because you feel poorly in the morning. You may not take the Law set down by God lightly. Our Savior suffered on the cross for all those sins, let us not disappoint Him as well. How about, no you may not ram a legalistic code of behaviour down our throats?

If there is one thing the stories of ancient Israel should show us is that the 'no, you may not' code of legal behavior cannot be kept by us. We fail, and we fall into sin more than any of us would care to have published. Jesus told the disciples that the Law had to be kept in the heart as well as in action. We don't stand a chance of saving ourselves. So, God also sent His Son to the cross to pave a better road for us to take - that of Yes! You may.

We are allowed to love one another, in fact we are commanded to do so. We are allowed to accept the free gift of salvation in Christ. We are allowed to do good things to those who have hurt us. We are even allowed to do good things to those who aren't expecting it. Hold it, back up a bit... we are allowed to accept a free gift of salvation? Yes, you may! Doesn't that mean we gain eternal life even though Jesus paid the price? Certainly, Jesus didn't need to save Himself, for once in your miserable life take the gift and say, 'Thank you!'.

Have a great weekend!

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