Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking A Stand

No, literally! This week, about Thursday-ish, I took a stand for Christ in a manner of speaking. I moved my computer workstation where I type the devotional to a standing workbench. Day 3 of the new standing method of writing, and I'm not yet sure about this. A few tweaks would help, such as stabilizing the monitor so that my typing does not cause it to jump about like a small temblor is going on. I guess my typing fingers are heavier than I thought. I cannot yet stand all day, that kind of endurance will take some time to develop. I can tell you that this method cuts way down on the temptation to play solitaire. The effects from years of sitting to write may take some time to shake off, but many folks are doing this to improve their overall health. The cat decided to continue in his old ways.

The curse bears heaviest on those more responsible. The cat's health is not affected by a sedentary lifestyle nearly so much as mine is. A bear can hibernate for weeks at a time; the human body turns into a pile of jello if we don't get up fairly often. Nebraska is suddenly a fourth-quarter powerhouse. Strange things happen under this curse that sits heavily upon mankind.

As the long-time readers will know already, the Saturday devotional is not always entirely serious. Taking a stand for Christ is a serious business most of the time, but I don't think that God lacks a sense of humor. Quite the contrary actually, I believe that God laughs with us and that not all the things God laughs about are of my doing. Along with Calvin, I claim innocence in the noodle incident, firetrucks notwithstanding.

God loves you on this fine Saturday!

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