Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Final Day?

I passed the school marquee this morning and saw listed: Dec 20 - Final Day. Yikes! I was sure that the Mayan calendar ended on December 21st. I thought I had one more day! I wondered this morning how many people think they have one more day. Traveling their life's path down the wide and smooth path to destruction, they see the church and the Christian, hear of the wonderful works of Christ on their behalf, but fail to believe because they are convinced that they have one more day.

We can see today, or at least we think we can see today. We have plans and duties to perform. The chores must be done and the personal maintenance (aka 'war paint') must be applied. You might have a date or an appointment or two. We think we can see today pretty well. However, tomorrow is often assumed even when we are aware that Jesus said we don't know what tomorrow will bring. How much more does the casual sinner on the wide path to eternal destruction assume that tomorrow will always be there for him? How many, I wonder, will arrive at the judgment seat saying, "I thought I had one more day!"

We do not know that tomorrow will come for us. In that we are blessed, for if tomorrow does not come on this earth, then we will be with Jesus in paradise. That should increase our compassion for those who do not have this good news in their heart. How terrible to stand before God and realize that there is not one more day for you to decide. The final day is not one of decision, or even to say goodbye for many of us. The final day will pass just like many before it, and then it will be too late for decision. Better by far for us to make the choice for Christ right now.


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