Monday, November 19, 2012

Let Me Glorify You This Morning, Lord

Good Monday morning! Sometimes it is easy to speak or write in order to glorify one's self. On the other hand, to set out to glorify God may come with more difficulty. Why else do so many artists sing secular holiday songs as opposed to songs that bring to mind the Son of God for whom the holiday is named? As Christians we have a built in way to glorify God - simply tell of what Jesus has done for us. Our witness and our changed life are the best and most ready methods to glorify God in this dark world.

In some cases we must go out of our way to witness, but most of the time we have an audience whether we realize it or not. No, not Santa Claus, but the world at large will watch carefully those who call themselves by the name of our Lord Jesus. The books we read, the songs we listen to, and especially the language we us in conversation are all seen and heard by the world. Yes, some watch only to scoff and say, "Aha, aha!" (got that from a psalm) when we fall down, but others want to know what is this joy we have.

This week, Thanksgiving occurs on our calender and we celebrate with giving our thanks to the Lord. That begins what is known as the holiday season for everyone, but not everyone enjoys that time of celebration in the year. Lonely in their misery, some persons will not look forward to Christmas as we do. The joy and peace of Christ does not reside in the heart, and the despair of the evil one may overwhelm if we are not there to give an ear and a message of hope. Look carefully this year, you may be called to help out with your witness.

God bless you in this holiday week,

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