Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's His Choice!

Good morning as we start the next day of the week, the one that doesn't start with 'M'. Did you take stock this morning and wonder how God could possibly love you? I did, and the same answer you need came to me - it's His choice. I know, you and me tend to look at God's love as some sort of overwhelming feeling that comes over Him and makes Him forget all the bad stuff. The Bible tells us something quite different though. God loves you and me while still knowing everything about us! Yes, all that we are, all that we will become in the grace of His Son, and most especially, all that we ever were and have done, God already knows and loves us. God's love must be based on His choice then, for He certainly knows the truth that we try to hide.

We each have stories from our past that we fear to share. We have thoughts from our present that we would just as soon God not hear. We fear for the future when we know that we should not. Try though we will to forget any of that and the Adversary is sure to bring it up for us. The Devil may use Mad Auntie Myrtle to bring up that story with an, "I remember that time you..." Or he may just send one of his darts that burn deep into the brain and make us tremble at the memory. However, we can fight back with the shield of faith by remembering one thing - God loves us and it is His choice to do so.

Have a wonderful day in God's love,

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