Friday, November 23, 2012

Prayer IS Participation

Good Friday morning! I'm not sure why a big shopping day should be called 'black', but here it is the supposed biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. I guess if the retailers enjoy a successful Friday, then they will be in the black for the year. Many people got up early today in our little town. I do not know whether for shopping or work, but they were moving around early this morning. I'm all for the day though, at least as long as no one forces me to participate. While you are getting those good deals this morning, I'll stay home and pray for you to get the best possible price on your Christmas presents or the goodies you buy for yourself today. Let us all not forget to be grateful to God as well. Thanksgiving does not end on Thursday night for those who believe in God's wonderful providence.

Why, may I ask myself, do we tend to think that praying is not participating? Who is better placed to act with full knowledge and the greatest wisdom than God? When you or I come to God in prayer, we participate in whatever and with whomever we are praying. The other person may not be present with us in the prayer and may have no idea he or she is being prayed for at the moment. God, as we know, is present everywhere. We can have no better connection with each other than to pray in Christ's name for that loved one far away. Jump in and participate! Enjoy the day from your prayer closet.


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