Monday, February 18, 2008

Thank You - February 18, 2008

Good morning. The time is a bit earlier than usual today; I have a couple of switches to install early this morning. I asked today for a message of gratitude for you. Each morning I like to start off the devotional with a prayer asking for a message of love, faith, and hope to send out. However, today, after a night of odd dreams, I asked for a message of gratitude. Terrors may come in the night, anxieties by day, but our Lord remains constant. The night is not dark to Him; the day holds no worries. Thank you, Lord, for loving us and granting us the many things that you have given us in our lives. Thank you for your Holy Spirit in our hearts and for the food on our tables. Thank you for the love that rains down upon us and reigns over us. Thank you for our nation and the many people who pray to you and glorify your name each day. Thank you, Lord, for saving us from damnation and the folly of unbelief. Thank you for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Most especially, we thank you for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus, may your name be praised on our lips and in our hearts each day.

Hallelujah, our Lord reigns!


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