Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Presumption? - February 5, 2008

Good morning! We have a new blanket of snow to make our world a little brighter this morning. That pure, white blanket only covers over all the dirt. In Christ we seek more than a white covering, we seek and find cleansing of the heart. When we receive the grace of Jesus, the sin is not covered over with a thin coating of whitewash, but is completely blotted out. If God does not remember our sin, then the sin is no longer there!

One might ask how I, a sinner, could presume to write words of love and encouragement to others. What gives me the right to do this for you? Looking at the Bible, we see the words of many writers, all of whom sinned before God at some point in their lives. In those words we see a picture and testimony of the Word. Jesus spoke many words in his short ministry, but he wrote none. That gives nonbelievers a lot of trouble. How is it that Jesus wrote no words, yet wrote the entire Bible? We know that He worked through sinners, just like you and I. Sinners who received God's grace and trusted in Him to guide their hands as they wrote the Word that the Holy Spirit wrote on their hearts. Only through Christ Jesus can you or I share the Word with those in such great need of it. My own qualifications would fall short of those needed to speak with authority on the Word.

Paul is perhaps the greatest example of trusting in God to write to others. As Saul, he actively persecuted the early Church, seeking to destroy it utterly. Paul's conversion is one of the more dramatic stories in the Bible. From his conversion came a wealth of truth and wisdom that he wrote to churches and to all of us even in this day. Paul would be the first to tell us living in this day that he deserved no place in God's kingdom. Through our own qualifications, none of us deserve a place in the kingdom, and none would see it except by the grace of Christ Jesus. How do I presume to write to you? I trust in the Lord Jesus, just like every believer who has ever written, sung, or spoke their testimony of Jesus, the Son of the Living God.

God loves you and so do I. Have peace in Christ Jesus this day!


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