Friday, February 15, 2008

Signs - February 15, 2008

Good Friday morning! Sad tidings today, Tyre has fallen. You are correct, that did happen thousands of years ago. In the Bible we find an interesting historical record of Tyre and it's trading. When the Lord sends a prophecy through Ezekiel, He lists the trade goods and places where each comes from. What an interesting historical record is shown in a prophecy of doom for an unrepentant city. Like Nineveh, Tyre would be destroyed, never to be raised again. We can visit the ruins of both cities, at least we can think about it since the ruins of Nineveh are in modern day Iran. However, the list of cities that God said will not be rebuilt has remained accurate to this day. And did we expect any less from God? The same might hold true for cities and towns in any other country that decides to worship something other than God. Work, production, sex, money, vengeance, entertainment, sports... the list goes on and on of other things and people the world worships in place of God. These days there is a movement to worship nature and a sect to worship this, and another to worship that, and the most intolerant of all religions is the one that is open to all. Yes, the world is an upside down and confused place.

All around I see the signs of the coming division. Many are turning toward the light in small groups and in mega-churches, and yet many others are fleeing the light. We tire of bad choices at the voting booth, surveys show that some countries actually want a dictator or king, governments everywhere seem to be models of inefficiency and corruption, does any of this point to the coming of Antichrist? Probably it does. We need to be spreading the Good News, because the world needs it very badly in this age. Without Jesus, the world is in a frightening state and frightened people do not behave very well. Let the Comforter come, while there is still time.

God bless you on this fine Friday!


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