Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9, 2007

Good morning! My apologies to those of you expecting to receive this via e-mail the past couple of days; my hamilton account is no more and I need to get signed up for another account. How the time does pass by so quickly these days. Jesus is Lord! Changing e-mail accounts is such a pain, but it does need to be done and so I will make that my goal for this evening. I may get my own e-mail server going soon, but I don't want everyone to wait while I fumble around with that!
There are many things in this life in which we must trust in the Lord. Sometimes a person doesn't want to hear the Good News, other times a group of really nice people are stuck in the secular world and do not want to hear about Jesus. We cannot make people listen and believe in the Son of God, but prayer is powerful. Always remember to whom you are praying. God is the Creator, sovereign and ever present, we need not fear that our prayers go unheard. Praying for someone else is an act of love, and God likes for us to pray for others in love. May the name of our Lord Jesus be forever glorified!

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