Sunday, May 06, 2007

May 6, 2007

Good morning, and a morning that is rapidly passing at that! I got caught up in my pond cleanup and relaxing yesterday, taking the day off from writing anything. It is cool and the clouds are flowing by this morning, but praise God for the wonderful rains of yesterday and Friday. How do we have a beautiful spring with plants blooming and green everywhere? Rainy days are the cause and though it may ruin plans for weekend outings, the rain days are necessary to have the new growth. Life is much like that, in order to enjoy the beautiful summer of heaven; we must endure the rain of this life. I notice that in the miraculous tales of healing, the healer does not, at least that I can recall, heal themselves of ailments. I am sure that the apostles suffered problems much like we do as we grow older. The reason that we may not be able to heal ourselves is that God wants us to turn to him for these things. Would anyone turn to God if the power were available to heal ourselves of every illness, disease, condition or sin? Since we cannot heal ourselves in body and soul, we turn to God and believe in His son, Jesus Christ. Does that mean that Jesus is the one stop shop for cleaning up every problem in this life? No, it is not that he can’t, but that he gives us those same problems in this life to make us into his own image. The healing he promises will arrive at the same time that we see him in his heavenly glory. Please don’t give up; our suffering will end in God’s perfect time!

God bless you and give you strength in this life,


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