Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 20, 2007

Good morning! "Then Sings My Soul" is the title of a book of hymns on my desk. The book isn't only a hymnal; it also has short stories about the composer or the song. Have you ever felt a song of praise in your soul, but felt a bit down physically? I feel that way this morning, still sleepy and not physically up, but singing praises to God in my heart and soul. It is wonderful that our salvation and joy do not depend on our physical state. Having joy and praising God does not mean that as Christians we smile and laugh through a broken leg. We will hurt like anyone else, and our bodies will break down as we get older just like the rest of the fallen world. Having joy doesn't mean that we will not grieve over our losses and those of our friends and loved ones. We are to grieve and to feel sad with others during their grief.
Physical downs like mine can be easily fixed; a little breakfast, some moving around and I will be much better. The joy given to us by Christ smooths over the rough spots of life, whether it is grief, or injury, or an illness, the joy of Christ will shine through the darkness. Friends can help too, but not the wrong ones as Dr. Kennedy points out today.

Your friend in Christ,


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