Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 15, 2007

Good morning! We enjoyed a time of quiet last night while the electrical service took a short break. At least it would have been quiet had not both UPS units and the security alarm system informed me with their little beepers that the power was off. What a racket! Okay, after that it was quiet until the power was restored.
This morning I read in Hebrews about the annual ritual of atonement the high priest conducted to ask forgiveness of sins in the Old Testament. I couldn't help but think how the man with that position did literally fear for his life. The other priests at that time would tie a rope to the ankle of the high priest when he went in the holiest place in case he was struck dead for some sin in his heart. The first time a new high priest had to perform the ceremony might have been a cause for trembling. First he was promoted to the high priesthood, a position of great responsibility and therefore one in which we would tend to become proud. The first time a person thought "I am high priest, look at me now." or some thing like that might also be the last.
Now contrast that with the sacrifice of Jesus. We can now come to the Father in complete confidence and honesty. We can admit our lust, pride, greed, sloth, envy, and all of the other sin without a rope tied to our ankle. The veil was rent at the death of Christ, and then he came back from the grave to let us know that the way was clear for us to come to the Father. No one must face the terrible responsibility of atoning for all sin once per year; Jesus has taken that upon himself for all time.

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