Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007

Good morning to you! My cat and I came nose to nose again this morning; I often suspect that he is wondering what we do with our great, huge noses, since we don't seem, at least from his point of view, to use them for smelling. Of course, we use them to stick into other people's business is what I would tell him. Have you ever stopped to notice how easy it is to fix someone else's life? We can stand, passionately or dispassionately, and point out flaws and methods to correct them with seeming accuracy. The "seeming" of course is on our part, and not theirs. We have a natural inclination to fix everyone else. Jesus spoke of this when he told the people about the mote and the beam. You will recall that the mote was in the other person's eye and the beam in our own.

Now the other side of that is when someone "fixes" your life, and does that ever happen at work! Have you noticed that companies, often like the people that form them, are much like lemmings in some ways? The latest thing is "free" health screening, required if you want to be on the so called "premium" plan. One of the first things you will hear is that many companies are doing this now. So who started that? Who got to decide that companies should have one more area in which to pry into an employee's private life? I sometimes think that slavery is making a comeback in this world; it is just more subtle than in the past.

One who calls us to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is not out to enslave anyone. God doesn't force us to do anything against our will, and what a privelege it is to have a choice! Many will not make the most of that choice; they will instead choose the brief, fleeting pleasures of this world. Let us choose life and the abundance that Jesus gives!

I wonder what the next "thing" is among companies? Perhaps a house or apartment at little or no cost as long as you pass the weekly safety and cleanliness inspections. Why does that sound familiar somehow?

God bless you this day!


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