Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007

Good morning! It would seem that we are back to the cool weather after this fine weekend. Yesterday I read in an article where no evidence of Jesus walking from the tomb has been discovered. Okay, I can concede that the Gospels do not specifically say that anyone saw Jesus walking out of the tomb door. However, I think the accounts of many eyewitnesses should have some bearing on the matter. What is humorous to me is for someone to search for evidence of Jesus being raised to life after death. What exactly would you look for in that empty tomb? Scorch marks on the ceiling? If evidence is what you need to believe, then I think you are doomed. We aren't going to find any because we simply do not know what to look for, if there is even any to find. Evidence of an event is something we as humans leave behind. We are inherently messy in our activities. Some of it, such as DNA from skin cells and sweat is not our fault, that stuff falls from us all of the time. The mistake is in thinking that God in his ways leaves behind something for us to find. If our God chose to leave no evidence of the resurrection, then there is none to find. What is there and is here, is that choice that all must make - believe in Jesus or don't. If you believe in Jesus, then you believe the eyewitness accounts in the Gospels, in Revelation, and in Acts - and in the prophecies throughout the Old Testament. Yes, when we believe, we believe it all and praise God for the privilege of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Go with God!


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