Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19, 2007

Good morning! It's the weekend and that means all work and no play for me! Just kidding! Actually, I have already cleaned the pond and got the waterfall flowing again, planted 3 flowers (that's a big accomplishment for me), and cleaned the garage a bit. It is now 0735 and I feel like one of those Army commercials. Except that I am a Marine, so that doesn't feel quite right either. :-) Some days just start out well, as opposed to yesterday when I couldn't pass a blood test. It seems that I would be a complete failure as an intravenous drug abuser. I think I can live with that! To God be the glory.
Jesus seemed to have a lot to do with weddings, both in parable and in miracle. He also used weddings as illustrations. Call me a bit slow in some areas, but maybe he wants us to come together as man and woman in marriage in this life, and then to join him at the wedding feast of the Lamb in the next. Yesterday, a friend told me a story about a trip to New Orleans with his girlfriend. After wandering some of the small, dingy looking streets of the older section of town, they found a tavern hoping to have something to drink and a sandwich. Upon entering, they were greeted with a large sign explaining the sexual orientation of the bar in not so subtle terms. I would have enjoyed seeing the expression on his face, but might have missed it for the shock on my own had I been there. It is a fallen world and that is why we look ahead so earnestly to the wedding feast of Jesus and the Church.

I pray that we all meet on that beautiful shore one day,


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