Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16, 2007

Good morning. Jesus is Lord and the world will be better through him! I read a depressing story this morning. How bad is it? On first glance it shouldn't be bad at all. The story is about a very financially successful couple at the top in their respective careers. They are respected by the world, donate large amounts of money to worthy causes, and dine with the wealthy, famous, and powerful people in the world. They are both physically attractive by the world's standards, perhaps among the top 1% of the world's people in that regard. So why the depression? Throughout the interview, there is not one word about faith in Jesus. Nope, faith in each other and faith in an international group to solve all our problems, but nothing about Jesus or God. Did I mention that they are not married? Yes, living together with 3 adopted kids and one of their own, but no marriage. I suspect by now you know whom I speak of, but their names are not important, only their misplaced faith in mankind and the secularism shown in the interview.
Faith in each other? Don't go there! The human race has enjoyed thousands of years of time in which to "get it right" and that has not happened.If you are an evolutionist, billions of years, but that is another story. There are still, as Jesus warned us; wars and rumours of wars, suffering, starvation, disease, and all manner of rampant sin in the world. No, I think that faith in humans is misplaced. We need Jesus in our hearts and in our lives. There is no life without the author and creator of life. ... and for a few more words on where to put our faith, see Pastor Rogers' devotional below!

God bless and keep you!


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