Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26, 2007

Good afternoon! Yes, I am writing somewhat late today. No, it is not from sleeping in, quite the opposite actually. I have been up at 'em today having bought groceries, a lawnmower, and a tree; and then mowing the lawn and moving the tree near the hole in the yard with a friend's help. Now I will need to get the tree out of the pot and into the hole. It already does something for the yard; I may have to get another of those tree things. :-) It's too bad that I smell like cut grass and gasoline instead of the tree! Oh well, life goes on.
Loving the Lord Jesus is the subject of Dr. Kennedy's devotional today, and it is a good one. If I took the title and name away at the end, you might think this one came from Pastor Rogers. Do they copy each other? No, to me this is proof that God is the one behind every true devotional going out to you and me. If I sound the same as one of them, or if they sound much like each other in their writing about Jesus, it is because the Holy Spirit has a message for us. We all love the Lord Jesus and when writing, speaking, or sharing that love, every member of Christ's family will sound very much the same. One Christ, one love, and one body of Christ. We are the believers and praise God we do sound like our Lord Jesus!

God bless you!


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