Monday, May 21, 2007

May 21, 2007

Good morning! The glory of the Lord shines upon us! Ah, the first day of the summer biking season... and I think I need to recuperate. It shouldn't be too bad, I kept the first session short, but it was fun to get outside and riding again.
I read what is known as the faith "hall of fame" in Hebrews this morning. It is good to have a reminder of how people much like you and I are noted for their faith in God. Their talents and weaknesses are not as important as their faith. We know from the Bible that Noah got drunk after landing in the ark, we know that Abraham didn't always tell the truth, and that David committed adultery. What is important about those things is how similar these people are to each of us. Who among us has not told the occassional fib, or committed adultery in our hearts, or have sampled alchoholic beverages just a bit too much in our past? Some of you may have done none of these, but your faith may not be what it should be. None of us are innocent of sin and only by grace through faith are we saved in Christ Jesus.

God bless you!


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