Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 2, 2007

Good morning and happy birthday to me! At 44 I can only say, “Praise God that I made it this far!” Each birthday is a step closer to Jesus, whether he comes to rapture all Christians or I go to him upon my earthly demise, he will welcome me into heaven through his own sacrifice on the cross.
Have you ever seen someone without Jesus in their life searching for support from other people? I am sure that you have and it can be a difficult thing to both watch and to remember from our time in the world. If we are dependent upon another person or group, what happens when they are busy? Doctors and therapists have other patients, pastors and deacons have other duties and people to help, even friends have spouses and other friends, in our deepest need any human agent can fail to be there for you or me. Jesus is the support network that never shuts down, he is the rock we can cling to and the lifeline that never breaks. The love of the Lord is everlasting and stronger than any force in the world.
Hmmm, it seems that I share my birthday with Catherine the Great, empress of Russia. I always wonder who gets the title “the Great”, do they claim it for themselves or does some historian apply it? Anyway, ol’ Catherine engineered the abdication of her husband, Peter III, and took the job of ruler for herself. She may have been a wonderful empress, I don’t know, but I am fairly certain the Bible does not tell us to convince our spouse to quit their job so that we can take it.

May God bless you this day,


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