Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007

Good morning! We enjoyed a wonderful rain yesterday and cool temperatures as well. It looks like the sun will shine for a while this morning; that should do the plants a lot of good. To use a plant metaphor, we too need the rain and sun in our lives to grow. The rain includes those times when things do not go so well; financial difficulties, sickness, tough times at work, children misbehaving, and the many other problems in this life are the thunder and lightning of the storm which brings life giving rain. Like the thunderstorm, those times will pass. Though some will stay longer than others, we can rest in the assurance that God will bear us up and one day the storms will be over forever. The sun helps us to grow also, and like the sun on plants, we can have just the right amount to grow in faith or we can get too much. The good times that we experience in this world need to have some moderation. Most of us have probably overindulged in something that in the right amounts is good for us, but when too much is taken we pay the price. A little ice cream is good, a lot makes us fat or ill. Eating an apple or two a day is good and salubrious; eating a bushel would tend to make one sick, at least of apples if nothing else.

The nutrients we need to grow are the Word of God, found in our Bibles, love of one another and the Father in Heaven, and faith in Jesus. Like different plants some of us need more time in the Bible than others, so don't judge your time spent by what another person does each day. Ask God how much time you should spend in the Word each day. You could spend all day reading and pondering the Word and continue to gain new insights throughout your life, but what good does that do anyone else if those insights are not shared? Let the glory of the Lord rise among us! Share and don't be afraid.

God bless you this day!


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