Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007

Good and great morning to you. The Memorial Day weekend has begun for me as I enjoy a vacation day today. I hope that your holiday weekend goes well for you and your family. The class work still awaits me however, so this will not be a weekend of goofing off. The morning is kind of sleepy, with clouds obscuring the sun and cool temperatures, or perhaps it's just me that's sleepy.

When I have trouble writing, I like to go to the Word to find inspiriation and it never disappoints. Today, reading in James, I am struck by the change wrought in people by the Holy Spirit of our Lord. The change to Saul is one of the most famous, but equally great is the change in Jesus' earthly brothers and in ourselves. James, just a few years earlier, was one of the brothers scoffing at Jesus and not believing. One of the great books on faith and Christian character comes to us from this former "scoffer". The change in our own self may not be as apparent to each of us as it is to God. To us we still see the stain of sin seemingly every direction we turn, both inside our heart and outside in the world. We can find no satisfaction in the world because of that stain. Let the glory of the Lord rise among us! We are changed and God will have his way with us, despite our stubborness and rebellion. Like the slow process of losing weight or curing a bad habit, the change is difficult to see during the process, but let not our faith in God waver as we move toward the Light.

A "Hallelujah" from all of us this day!


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