Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007

Good morning, and a cool morning it is too! I read a sad story this morning about a classical pianist who died of cancer. Now that wouldn't be too unusual these days, so many die of diseases that one more person we don't know may cause us only to ask, "did she believe in Jesus?" However, it is the behavior of her widower husband that makes this such a sad tale. In releasing some 119 albums under her name, the recordings are apparently all frauds. In this world we may do much to tarnish or destroy the reputation or honor of a loved one, whether we mean well or not. However, when we come before Jesus on that last day, it will not matter how the world remembers us, only whether our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. We may wonder about those who go too far in memorializing a departed spouse, but perhaps without Jesus in their life that blind love of their spouse is all they have. Over time their constant placing of the image of their loved one on an undeserved pedestal may come to dominate their thinking as truth or what should have been true, at least to their point of view. We can theorize and hypothesize all day on things like this. What is really important is coming to know the love of Christ. He knows the truth about us, all of the secret thoughts, the hidden lust, or the deep buried hatred, and yet he accepts us as his own. Glory unto God for the grace that grants us life when we deserve death.

In Jesus name!


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