Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Message From God

Good morning and welcome to August! The other morning I stood in front of my calendar looking at the final days of July and thought, "September is almost here." Well, yes that is technically true, but August and its 31 days might like a little love too. School begins here two weeks from today. If I may join the school kids in a rousing "AAAAAUUUGH!" this morning, that would be fine. Oh, about that title, have you ever received what appeared to be a confusing or mysterious message from the Lord? I mean other than all the Bible prophecies that are baffling to us right now that is. In prayer one day, I was told to write down this number, 224. I kept the slip of paper around, helped by the fact that a couple of my Internet passwords were written on it, for some time without having any idea what it meant.

Yes, you are missing the number and now screaming over passwords copied onto paper. Major security violation, but my passwords have become works of art in themselves so much that I have to write them down for a while until I can memorize them. I had to change passwords because when signing up for a new account at a bank, of all places, they had me enter my complex password in the usual asterisked box and then promptly confirmed it in a plain-text e-mail the very next day. To paraphrase Yosemite Sam, banks is so stupid! So, what does the little number mean? Well, last night I entered it into a search engine and found out that 224 is Internet slang for, 'Today, Tomorrow, Forever". I did not know that, but I do see an answer to prayer: God is with me today, tomorrow and forever.

Ask a question in prayer, you too may get an answer that at first you cannot understand. God is not playing games with us, He is working on us to grow our faith. A little waiting, researching, prayer, and patience helps us grow this new faith of ours. And even if like my friend Burt you were saved back in the year 1498, your faith is new to God who is from everlasting to everlasting. Oops, that should be 1984, having a little number dyslexia there, maybe. Burt only feels that old some days.

Do you know what is missing from 224? The past! God does not want us to dwell on what has gone before. When do we walk with God? Today, tomorrow, forever. Learn from the past, draw inspiration from good works and mistakes made, see the love of God raining down on your life's story, but walk with Jesus today, tomorrow, and forever. We have important evidence that God's love did watch over our past; we're still here. None of our mistakes killed us!

May the love of Christ be with you 224,

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