Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Come, and Walk Right In!

Good morning! The clouds are back. Seems like we just saw this sort of sky not that long ago. The pumpkin conquest of the world continues. Depending upon conditions, I have measured growth at 2-6 inches per day on one vine. It has now passed the little oak tree and is headed for the street. Some days, upon reflection and examination of my life, I wish that my progress was that rapid and persistent. What if my ruler that I hold up to that mirror is malfunctioning though? If I used Burt's fish ruler on my pumpkin vine, people would know immediately that something wasn't right. What if I am using an opposite sort of ruler on my spiritual and life's progress?

The ruler of perfectionism as viewed by an imperfect man does not measure what God sees. Those who believe in Jesus are growing toward one of twelve great entrances. These entrances are made of one single pearl each. Either we will be made very small, or these will be some magnificent pearls! The gates face in the four directions, three on each side of the great city being prepared for us, or, more likely, when the preparations of us for it are complete. The city is so vast, some 1,400 miles in length, width, and height, that we might imagine gates spaced both horizontally and vertically. However, I think that the gates are close together and on one level. A very welcoming city where the throne of the Master, the crystal river, and the trees of life are on this one very open level. This entire city is constructed in such a way that it says, "Come, and walk right in!" Every one of those called by God is progressing rapidly and surely toward these gates; we just can't see them yet and so our progress may seem slow or stopped to us.

This is not a city where some test awaits at these great gates. Those called walk right in because the gates are always open. On Earth, we often find locked doors and closed gates, but this city is one of invitation. We want to enter there, and the Master of the city wants us there with Him. We are of one mind in our desire for meeting in this city, though we may not always feel like it here in this shadow life we live. If things in your circumstance seem a little rough today, or downright awful, remember where you are going to.


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