Saturday, August 17, 2013

At Home With Jesus

Good morning! Cloudy and a little foggy today, but that appears to be nothing new around here this summer. Appears? Yes, for each morning is new, whether it looks the same or not. I needed new mercies from God this morning, and His mercies are refreshed each morning. I appear to be alone in my house this morning, but it isn't the cats that make the house not lonely. Someone else is here.

Our homes are not castles these days. A tiny battering ram can knock in most front doors; a siege would be a bit of a joke. One good catapult shot would smash right through houses of today. Strength of walls is not what makes our homes special. No, something else makes the home special.

Children leave for school, friends leave to go to their home. A party cannot last forever, and another person's home isn't quite the same. Remodeling changes the appearance, but not the sense of home. A vacation takes us away for a while, but it is always good to come home. If something isn't right with our home, it hurts emotionally. What makes a home, home?

If you have Jesus in your heart, that makes home something special. But, Jesus is with us always, how can a wooden-framed, painted box be more special than walking the streets or going to work with our Lord? I'm not sure that all of it can be put in words. Our home here on earth, bought, built, rented, or shared, is a reminder of our permanent home with Jesus in Heaven. Some houses are nicer than others, but any dwelling will do as long as Jesus is there. I think that an earthly home becomes indwelt by the Spirit of Jesus much like the heart of the believer. We don't just come home to a house, we come home to be at home with Jesus.

At home is our prayer room, often a bedroom or study, where we get alone with our Lord in prayer. At home is our Bible study room, often a living room or the kitchen table. Here we cook meals for ourselves and guests, and then ask Jesus to share and bless the meal. At home is where our emotions are most displayed. We cry to Jesus, thank Him, tell Him things we don't want to say in a more public prayer, and listen closely for His answer. We ask Jesus for things in our home that we might feel embarrassed to ask for in a group prayer. We may question Jesus and His ways at home, when we would not do so in church. We may very well be more honest with our Lord at home than anywhere else. We are at home with Jesus in our earthly homes.

Enjoy the Saturday with Jesus,

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