Thursday, August 29, 2013

Without a Breeze

The blessing of our Lord Christ Jesus to you on this fine morning. It's very hard to move a sailing vessel without a breeze. Oars or paddles are placed into the water and the hard work begins for someone. You can open the windows on a house, but if the air is not moving, it's very hard to cool or warm the building. Our Christian life works in much the same way. If we are struggling to get anywhere and it seems that all spiritual, mental, physical, financial progress is zero, then perhaps we are not waiting for a wind from God to move our boat along.

During the times of struggle, it helps us to recall the teaching of Paul, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." The times when I put in my oar and struggle without seeking the strength of Christ coincide quite closely with the times when life seems to go backward in some area. In fact, I may even say the times are one and the same. When I seek the strength of Jesus first in prayer before attempting the task, then the outcome is not in doubt even though I might have to fight off a few of my own. I may have to paddle a little ways out to catch the breeze, or Jesus may provide the breeze immediately. However, no amount of wind in the sails will help the sailor who will not untie his craft from the dock.

May the strength of Christ speed us along His way,

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