Thursday, August 15, 2013

You've Been Fed, Now You Want Reassurance?

Kaboom morning to you! Thunder, lightning, a burst of rain, one might wonder if even Mother Nature is upset that we are starting school so early in the season. The cat is suffering conflicting feelings. He wants to hide from the thunder, but he is also hungry and more than ready to break his fast. After his feeding, I expected the meowing to stop for a while, but such was not the case. I had to ask: You've been fed, now you want reassurance?

Years ago when Jesus told His followers to be content with food and clothing, and not to worry about such things, He also knew that we would want more than that. Food and clothing are only two of the basic needs. We want reassurance, confidence, something to believe in and faith to hold on to in the troubling times. Our Lord was not mocking us with His command not to worry. He knew that we would disobey Him and worry. He also knew that faith is more than contentment with the circumstance.

My mind looks ahead to tomorrow, trying in vain to penetrate the mist and know the future. I look at weather predictions, conditions in the world today, and my own experience, and then try to build up a picture of what is coming. I know that I cannot account for the meteor from the heavens, a sudden failure of a mechanical part, or the windfall of something beyond my control. Yet, consciously or not, I still try to pierce the veil. Deep down inside, I know that I cannot know tomorrow, so I worry about that.

I see what has gone before as best I can, and look at what I see only poorly right now, and put that into a big worry box. I shake the worry box good, and pick out a few to munch on for today. Added to the worries about tomorrow, I find that a load too large to carry, and I cry out for some help from my Lord. I have been fed, and clothed, but now I too want some reassurance. While you wonder, me and the cat are going to wait for some reassurance from God. Praise His holy name, we have that reassurance in His Spirit, also named by Jesus as the Comforter. As we can see now, our Lord knew exactly what we would need beyond food and clothing.


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