Friday, August 30, 2013

Constant Tending

Good Friday morning! A holiday weekend arrives this evening, I hope your chickens are polite. I suspect you have never heard that as a saying. Rude chickens are not a common problem, though chickens acting like giraffes or mollusks can certainly be a problem. I have decided to begin the weekend by taking your mind for a spin. Seems to be working, no? Looking at my garden this morning, I am struck by what an example it is for us. Without constant tending weeds creep in, diseases appear, and things wilt. It may seem an irony that the plant products we most want to eat require the most attention. However, by looking way back to Genesis, we can see that is the nature of the curse on the Man.

Thorns and thistles were promised to Adam as a result of his rebellion. We can see in any garden the thorns and thistles growing without any help or planting from us. Fail to water the garden for a while and that is pretty much all that will be left. Plant nothing in the spring, and you can still reap a harvest of thistles. Fail to tend even a simple garden of nothing but grass, and the weeds will arrive in their numbers faster than we wish. Our life in Christ is much the same.

If we live without constantly tending the garden by Bible study, worship, prayer, and meeting with our Christian brethren (sisterens too!) soon the weeds of discontent, foolishness, bitterness, and other foul fruits will appear in their multitude. The thought of constant tending every day throughout a long life may cause us to feel tired. That is why we take it one day at a time. Today is the day I am tending, not tomorrow and not next week. I can't uproot a weed before it appears in the ground anyway.

So, before you take off for the weekend, render a cordial word to your polite chickens, and make sure they have an adequate supply of napkins for their dining.


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