Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Family

Good morning on this fine Monday. Some folks on this earth have such pain in their childhood from abuse and other conditions that they would happily turn their family in for a new one. Many of us were raised in better circumstances, but we will at the moment of salvation turn our family in for a new one. We become part of the family of God, the bride of Christ, the Church. Jesus said that everyone who follows Him must leave behind mother, father, sister, and all the rest and take up with the new family. If members of your earthly family are also in God's family, well then you have a real blessing. The earthly family members of Jesus weren't so enthusiastic at first.

We read of the time when the brothers of Jesus went up to Jerusalem without Him. Later, He followed them in secret. Later still, we can read the writings of two of those brothers, James and Jude, who turned at some point in their lives and followed their earthly brother in His way. The earthly family of Jesus came back together in God's family. We too may face a separation for a while.

As we gain brothers and sisters in Christ through His salvation, we begin to pray for those still separated from us. Former friends, ones we would like to call brother in Christ, may be among those who do not believe. Prayer is the best thing we can do for these lost sheep. As the light of Jesus shines in our hearts, we want everyone to come to the family of God. So, we pray for people we don't know too. In time, some of these may come to the family, and then we begin to understand a little of the rejoicing that goes on in Heaven for every lost sinner who comes to Jesus.

The love and grace of God goes with you on this new day,

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