Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Is My Job Today?

Good morning to all! What is my job for you today? Is it to flatter you in hopes of raising your demeanor? Very well: You are of surpassing grace and loveliness this morning and your skill with the whizzamajiggits is exemplary beyond the pale of human endeavor. Hermmm, doesn't come out too bad, but you know better when I am sitting here miles or hundreds of miles away writing words without weight. My job must be better than that. I cannot write something like that with a straight face every morning. Eventually, such flattery would bring me into contempt, both going and coming as it were. How about something a bit more biblical for the day?

You and me are lovely to God. I know this because my Savior would not die for something or someone He found hideous in sin. Wait, didn't He give His life because we were hideous in our sin? Yes, but His death was to change that. Jesus died because He saw from His vantage point on the cross what you and me will be in eternity with Him. We are lovely to God because of the surpassing grace of His Son. Hmm, that puts a new light on the day; God finds me lovely in Christ!

What about my skills though? I spent a lot of time and effort building up an impressive resume in this life. Paul called his former things trash, trash he gave up to win the prize of eternal life in Christ. Your skills are valuable, and Christ can certainly use them, but the worth we seek is in Christ Jesus. We look around for the 'least of these', and sometimes think that it must be us. But Jesus didn't look around on the cross and see the least of these, He looked around and asked His Father to forgive us. Then He gave His life for you and me.

Our worth is not tied up in something transitory such as what we see in the mirror or skills dependent upon memory and coordination. Our worth is set in the everlasting Son of God, and that worth will not leave us today. Put a smile on your face and know that God loves you and me! The knowledge of the latter will certainly cause the former, if we just step back and let the Spirit have His way.

God bless you,

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