Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Heat That Lasts

Good morning as the heat wave rolls on. I read about heat waves out west, more out east, and some in other places this year. I figure this time is just our turn. Fall is coming though, the heat cannot last forever. Or can it? For some, this heat wave may be but the beginning of eternal flame. In Adam we gained the knowledge of good and evil. In the law we gained a knowledge of sin and a fear of the flame. Jesus spoke of a lake of fire where torment never ends. Yikes, this begins to sound like the sermons of my youth! Jesus spoke much more often of love, peace, comfort, and joy.

Jesus didn't send to us the Tormenter; He sent us the Comforter. Jesus didn't command us to torment one another with thoughts of Hades. Jesus commanded us to love one another. Jesus left us His peace. Jesus died for our sins that we might live in Him. Greater love has no man than He lay down His life for His friends, and Jesus called us His friends as He spoke to the disciples. There are words of warning for those who refuse to believe in Christ, but there are more words of love and reward for those who do believe.

We are not an elite in this world. We just came to Jesus for some comfort and joy. We were rightly afraid of the heat that lasts, but now we have peace with God through the grace of Christ. Our former fear of the flame gives us understanding into the feelings the unsaved experience when the message taps on the door of the heart. Peace and joy can be theirs for the asking. Relief from the flame fear comes with salvation in Christ. We cannot yet see ourselves as good, but we believe in the righteousness imputed through faith in God's Son. The heat that lasts is not allowed in the place we are going after this life. Praise God for the Way!


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