Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who You Gonna Believe? - March 24, 2009

Good Tuesday morning! Snow and blowing snow this morning. I wonder if they will hold school here today? We received hardly a flake yesterday, but school was called off. I am glad that I am not the one making that decision; I'm sure he, she, or they well get a lot of grief and smart remarks over what happened yesterday. :-)

Did you catch the new show last night about Joshua on the History Channel? Ask yourself first if the walls of Jericho really fell as the Bible states. In Christ, we believe the Bible and know that the walls fell. What happens when you don't want to believe in Jesus? The walls fell metaphorically of course, and then we can get on to that awful Joshua and the terrible slaughter of all the innocent people of Jericho. I didn't make up the use of "innocent", the expert on the show actually said that. Do we have any way of knowing whether the people of that long ago city were "innocent"? I turned off the show after failing to hear anything about God telling Joshua to slaughter everything in the city, or that later the Israelites would get into trouble with God for not obeying that command. I am curious about one thing. How strong were the foundations of those famous walls? 9,000 soldiers marching around the walls for six days would cause no small amount of vibration. The show stated that the walls were about a mile in circumference; an army could march around that some 60 - 120 times in six days, perhaps more as people walked everywhere back in the day. That's a lot of vibrations! Whoever heard of an invading army doing nothing but marching around and around as a form of siege anyway?

I suppose the question might be: why won't they believe? However, to put the question on us: Why do we believe? In intellectual circles the form of affirmation or confirmation of one's work is the peer review process. If one's peers call one a crackpot and threaten one's job, that can have a powerful effect upon the professor or intellectual in question. In Christ, we don't care what the world calls us; Jesus told us this would happen. We have the Holy Spirit in our hearts telling us that the stories are true. God was there, the historical experts were not; who you gonna believe?

Drive safely if you must go out, stay inside if you can, and have a great day in Jesus!

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