Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Assault - March 10, 2009

Good Tuesday morning! We have just a bit of snow this morning, but it is a cold day in March. Today, some news about companies that are hiring. Hey, that's good news during these tough times. Looking outside though, it's kind of hard to believe that baseball spring training has begun down in Florida and Arizona. Of course, our weather outside today might offer some small explanation as to why they don't start up around here in March. Gee, do ya think?

How is your endurance for the journey doing today? In this life as we strive to become more like Jesus each day the time will arrive when a serious assault upon our minds begins. Thoughts of "it's never going to happen" and other negative thoughts will suddenly intrude upon our minds just when it seems that the tide has turned. Imagine that you have fought a tough battle in the strength of the Holy Spirit and suddenly the tide turns and you relax just a bit, ready to ride it into the shallow water and looking forward to a rest. However, just then those thoughts arrive as the assault begins in earnest. "You'll never make it"; "give it up", and many more come seemingly from nowhere. Jesus told us to keep our sights set on him for a good reason. We do have an enemy and as the success that God will bring us to comes closer, that enemy will step up the attack on us. The Accuser does not want to see someone succeed in Christ. Trust in God; that assault you are feeling means you are ready to follow Jesus to great things!

Praise Jesus, the King of kings, on this great day!


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