Monday, March 30, 2009

Soapboxin' It - March 30, 2009

Good Monday morning! Well the Big 12 has been sent home from the Big Dance. If you're not a college basketball fan, you might have no idea what that means. It's funny how we look for some other team to root for at times. Not satisfied that our state basketball team made the NIT, and was promptly sent home, we look to other teams in the same conference. Once those teams lose in the NCAA tournament, we start looking for the teams that beat them to do well so that we can claim some sort of phantom consolation prize. Let's see, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas made it to the Sweet 16, and the teams that beat them made it to the Final 4, and Nebraska actually showed up for the games against the first three teams so really we (our team) might be like, um, 75th! Actually, they're not that good, but we like to try to build up our team, and by association our selves, through the manipulation of logic and reality in our minds. Are we so competitive that anything less than a championship team is unacceptable? Whatever happened to students going to college to gain a higher education?

Ha, I'm on the soapbox today! Speaking of winless teams. Did you see that GM and Chrysler couldn't even come up with enough of a plan to satisfy the government? Yup, our government, the same one handing out funds all willy-nilly to bankers, refused to give the automakers more of our tax money because of a lack of effort in turning their business around. Hmmm, where was that kind of thinking when the bankers thought it okay to give out huge bonuses to employees who wiped out the business? I mean wouldn't it be fair to give GM our tax money to pay out bonuses to the executives driving the company to bankruptcy? I thought the method was more like: 1. our business is going down, we'll all be out of work next month. 2. the government bailed us out by buying 80% of the company. 3. Hooray, we did it! Bonuses all around courtesy of the taxpayers! :-)

Okay, how about a champion who refused to take the championship trophy because his time has not arrived yet? We read in the Bible that Jesus triumphed over death and the grave, but the world wants to see the proof. We don't have proof in worldly terms; our Lord has not yet taken up His new throne. The choice now is the same as it was back in the days of Matthew, Paul, John, and James - believe in Jesus or reject Him. Our champion has not yet arrived to accept the honor due him as the King of kings and Lord of lords. What is the deal with that? Jesus rose from the grave, saw a few friends, and then left the world. The key is in what Jesus told the disciples before his arrest. "It us best for you that I go away, for if I don't the Comforter will not come."

Okay, time for me to quit rambling on this morning. Have a great week in Christ!


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