Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Special Mission! - March 25, 2009

Good morning! I listened to a news report about the quiver full movement this morning. Of course you might ask what the quiver is full of, and the answer is: kids. This is an evangelical Christian movement in the Midwest of our country that renounces all forms of birth control and trusts in God to give them the right number of children in a marriage. All of this is to raise more Christian children to spread the Good News of Christ. Not a bad aim at all. I had a thought that this might be the biblical 144,000. However, those stray thoughts are not always right. God alone knows who His 144,000 special witnesses are during the tribulation to come.

We all want to be part of something special. Some of this is in a good way. The men assigned to me for prayer each week I like to call my special friends in Christ. This does not put them above other Christians and the names of these men are between God and myself each week. Where the desire to be special can go wrong is when we want to place ourselves above others. Merchants play to this desire by offering "gold" clubs or "platinum" cards, and how many of us have fallen for some kind of elite grouping by spending more than we should have? No one would buy a comic book entitled "Man", but call it "Superman" and well... who didn't want to be associated with that super him? :-)

I have some good news for you! Jesus died for you. If you don't feel special today, you should know that Jesus felt the weight of every person's sin when he died on that cross. Your sin, my sin, and he knew each one of us. You are beloved of God himself! Jesus knows you, and only you can carry out the mission He has for you alone. You and I have special missions in Christ, and that makes me feel very special today!

God loves you and so do I!


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