Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not Seriously Enough - March 5, 2009

Good Thursday morning! Is there a holiday to celebrate today? No? Well, I guess we'll have to make one up. Call it "FoM" for Fifth of March. Today we can celebrate FoM! Happy FoM! I think I've finally gone off the deep end...

This morning I read an article where the author states something like, "In the fullness of time, when I go to reside in hell, that's what I'll see the devil sipping..." I about dropped the magazine! Is the author crazy? How can he speak of hell so flippantly? I see that taking the gentle approach to sin and hell has been a mistake. We should warn unbelievers about hell in the strongest terms. During my teen years, one of the most frightening sermons had to be one on the dangers of hell and what the Bible says about that dreadful place. We stopped hearing sermons of this type at some point, but perhaps we need to revisit those sermons. People are not taking their eternal disposition seriously anymore. Hell is a place of eternal punishment! The devil does not rule there, the punishment will not be a tickling of the feet in a warm bath, and there will be no light except that of God's heavenly realm far away. Alone, in darkness and pain, seperated from God forever, why would anyone want to go to such a place? One reason is that they refuse to believe in God and do not feel the need to take hell seriously; the other reason is much worse... we haven't done our job in letting people hear the Good News about Jesus Christ, or the terrible other side of ignoring that good news - eternal punishment.

When we are saved by Jesus we no longer have to fear hell. However, before I was saved I often felt tremendous fear over what might happen to me if God said "I don't know you" at that time of judgment. Sharing our faith and witness may not involve trying to frighten someone to death at first, but if your loved one will not respond to anything else, perhaps a discussion of what they think will happen to them in the next life will open their eyes. For my other blog I will work on showing what the Bible has to say about hell. Not a comfortable subject, but the Bible is a comfortable place to go! I am working on the piece for why we pray, but should have a rough draft of that finished this morning... after I go fishing for dead fish that is. :-)

God bless you on this wonderful FoM!


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