Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I like the holidays, I get to say something different to start the devotional. This morning I thought that we don't need to be superheroes. In an age where the media seems to be filled with tales of super humans, ya know all the people with looks, money, brains, and talent, we may strive to emulate them. One thing we might forget when looking horizontally, as we should not do, is that important statement in the Bible: to whom much is given, much will be expected. Like me, you probably did not get all of the things the world idolizes. Maybe you're like Burt and got looks, brains, and talent, but somewhere along the way the money just didn't show up. Maybe you're like Burt and you are right now thinking that you didn't get any of those things and wondering what in the world I'm talking about! :-) We do tend to go too far toward the negative in our self-assessment or too far toward the wishful sort of thinking. However, all of this goes to show that we don't need to be superheroes in our life in Christ. We are often reminded that Christ did not hold a beauty pageant or a talent contest when selecting his disciples. He chose 12, but many more came to him, including you and I. There was no entrance examination, no placement scores, and no minimum to meet when I came to Christ. The only thing you and I had to do was say "yes" to Jesus. Yes, Lord, I am ready to give up my all to you. There was no pause as Jesus pondered me, wondering how to tell me that he had no use for just another messed-up human. Jesus did not wonder when or if any of his superheroes were going to show up. He simply turned to all of his sheep and told us... "you're all my superheroes, follow me!"

Perhaps you don't think of yourself as a Christian superhero. You might want to rethink that; Jesus didn't give his life for anyone that he did not value above all else. I notice that when I wrestle with myself thinking that I must do more, do more, and do more for Christ, I get little or nothing done. However, when I give up myself to Christ and rest in Him, then I do much in His service. The whole thing seems to be just opposite of my own understanding... duh! :-)


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