Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doubts May Come - March 29, 2009

Good Sunday morning! I did it by accident...didn't mean to blurt it out.. but there it was. Yup, this morning I said that I am one of those who gained a new career last year. I meant to speak the old saying "lost my job", but that isn't what came out. Somewhere along the way the Holy Spirit has worked a positive change in my mind. This new career isn't paying anything yet, but I am sure that God will work that out in His own time.

Gloom and doom have taken over much of the media, but many great and wonderful things are happening each day. Trusting in God at a time like this may be difficult; I'm sure that many are saying that God has taken a vacation or turned away from us. However, in Christ we know that is not true. If anything, God is closer than ever right now, watching over us and waiting to pour out His blessings on those who will believe. This doesn't mean to run out and buy a lottery ticket 'cuz God will soon pour out a pile of loot. Your blessings may include monetary blessings, most of us could use that right now, but God's blessings are not limited to something as fleeting as money.

The disciples had their moments of doubt too, and Jesus was right there with them! We need not be ashamed of our doubts, but neither should we dwell upon them. Use your doubts to remind yourself that Jesus will provide for you at all times, and then ask forgiveness for doubting His mighty providence. Recall the times when Jesus fed the thousands with a few loaves and fishes, the blind man who had his sight restored, and the formerly quite dead Lazarus walking forth from the tomb. The forces of this world are no obstacle to our Lord Jesus. Trust in Him!


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