Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Future - March 18, 2009

Good Wednesday morning! Why does our estimation of the future so often depend upon what we are feeling at the moment? How often do you hear someone complain: "I feel kind of rough today, things in my life just aren't going to work out"? You and I may have tried that same tactic ourselves. Here's a timely reminder: God's future plans are not in any way dependent upon our current feeling! A bit of illness may rain on your parade this morning. A bit of bad feeling may happen as you read the news today. Neither will make the future dark and gloomy; don't give in to thinking that it does! :-) Pasting a smile on your face is great exercise. I try it at home and it helps, even when I don't have anyone to smile at! That cats will of course look at me and then at each other... and flee. "He's smiling, something's wrong, run for your lives!" What do cats know anyway? :-)

Trusting in God means that we do not count the future as a part of our current feelings. If God were to take each of us aside and show us a vision of our future with him in heaven, we would probably become completely useless to him in this life. We probably would do nothing after that vision but try to capture it in words to share; only to realize that words would fall utterly short. I could see us all sitting there with our heavenly vision rolling over and over in our minds, ready to go and completely oblivious to the present life. Why do you think God waited until the end of John's life to give him the great revelation? He certainly could have revealed the future to John much earlier in John's life. God has tasks for all of us to do and we have Good News to share. We have our sights set on Jesus, but our work is right here and now. Have a wonderful day at work. Relax in the knowledge that God has our future right in the palm of His mighty hand.

God bless you,


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