Friday, March 27, 2009

Going to Jesus - March 27, 2009

Good Friday morning! Hey, it's been kind of fun to watch the ol' 401K again this week! Let us remember that our faith is in Jesus, and be sure to thank him for good news in the economy. We have heard the old saying about having too much of a good thing can be bad for us. This is true in the world when we start having faith in something or someone in this world when our faith should be in Christ alone. This doesn't mean that you don't trust your friends in Christ, only that you cannot count on them to save you. I wonder how many people who think themselves good in this world will call upon friends and witnesses before the great throne of God? When God sits in judgement it will not be a case of witnesses vouching for each other. A rich person might call upon those he has given money to. A care giver might try to call upon those she has cared for all her life. The only problem is that God will only want to know one thing. Do you or I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ?

A Friday is often a good time to relax the mind a little as the weekend approaches. Did you ever think about the judgement at the end before the throne of God? Billions of souls standing around outside the throne room; all awaiting their turn on the stand. Everywhere you look are shades of black robes as the deeds and thoughts of all are revealed. Here and there are the great and mighty among the princes of the earth. One might exclaim that he was a great lawyer on earth and will show the rest of us how to defend ourselves. God will then take him into judgement and show how all of his life he failed to uphold the law in his heart. Another might stand forth and speak of how she served in public office, elected by the people and serving them her entire career. God will take her onto the stand and show how all along it was her own self-interest that she served her entire career.

We can go on and on with possible examples from this life, but what about those who believe in Jesus? The Bible tells us that we are washed in his blood, our robes made white as snow. When does that happen? After the great and mighty take their turn on the stand at that great judgment, the believers begin to take their turn. You are called in; head hanging down for you can see that your robe is as black as any, you know that you have failed to live up to the law, in all ways you have fallen short of the glory of God. However, when you try to mount the stand, you see Jesus! He has been there all the time as the great and mighty have fallen in their own self belief. Before you know it your feet are running to Him! Like a child you run to the Lord Jesus. He washes your robes in his own blood; He makes you clean; He alone saves you. From the first time you believed you have known that He holds forgiveness and grace, and He gives them to you.

We have a great day to strive for. Paul likened it to the end of a race. We strive toward that great day when we see Jesus. Like any race, there is much work to do. My vision of that great day may not be correct, we won't know until the time arrives. Until then, God has given us work to perform, fellowship to enjoy, and the Bible to learn. Have a wonderful Friday in Christ Jesus!


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