Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Home Yet - March 21, 2009

Good Saturday morning! The curse has derailed God's mighty creation! Why did God allow this? You probably won't see that headline anytime in the near future in your media news sources. These days we are supposed to believe that we evolved from some kind of cosmic accident. As we look upon the tragedies of this life we are simply to think that evolution needs another 15 billion years I guess. We know that God created us in his own image, but we also know that we do not gaze upon the image of God in our mirrors each day. Our time on this earth has now become one of complete dependence upon the strength and sacrifice of God, though not everyone will acknowledge that.

One of the things we learn in Christ is that we cannot make it on our own to that eternal life of joy and worship that we desire in our hearts. Some take the easy route and try to create that kind of life on their own. And from our point of view, we are tempted to think that some seem to have come close in their earthly success. However, we simply cannot imagine the full extent of God's great gift to us from our lowly point of view on this ball of rock and dirt. I love the verses in the Bible that remind us that this is not our final home and that we have a great homecoming on the way. I like to be reminded that the darkness we see has been taken into account by God and may even be the curtain coming up on the final act. The world sees a terrible tragedy in this life, and it will be if they refuse to believe in Jesus, but we know that our Savior will arrive soon.

Enjoy the day in Christ Jesus!


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