Monday, March 23, 2009

Nothing Can Separate - March 23, 2009

Good Monday morning! Okay, so get this... they have called off school already. Not a flake of snow on the ground, not even one in the air, and school is already out. Max Hensley must be spinning in his grave right now. In case the reference is lost on you, Max Hensley was the superintendent of the Kimball schools in my youth. Ol Max was infamous among the kids for not letting school out until the snow was up to the whites of his eyes. Of course he might have been held in high esteem by the parents for just that quality. The propagation of weather radars and other means of forecasting have come a long way since those far away days when I attended grade school; I imagine they have good reason to call off school this early. A sort of preemptive strike at the parents you might say. :-)

So, as you start your workday, and think about the kids at home snarfing Fruit Loops and fighting over what to play on the X-Box; what words of comfort can I bring to you today? A reminder of that great section in Romans 8 where Paul tells us that nothing can separate us from God's love might be good. Do you think that Paul had some prophecy of space exploration when he wrote that how far above the earth we might be cannot separate us from God's love? Do you think Paul saw little, metal bubbles being lowered into the ocean to explore great depths too? We have no way to tell, but we do know that God knew even then what would happen now. God even knew at some time in the distant past that I wouldn't take some Advil this morning before setting off on this day's adventures, and that I would be paying the price even now. :-) One bottle of Ensure for breakfast isn't at all satisfying either. Does any of that separate me from God's love? Not a bit! How can I help you this morning? I'm here if you need to call and chat. The writing can wait a bit, though I do have some great ideas that need to be shared in my stories.

Praise God for the day!


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