Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Disaster or Two - March 11, 2009

Good Wednesday morning! The cold of March grips us still... beware the cold of March! Shouldn't there be a different word in that statement? The "ides" of March haven't arrived just yet, but this reminder of global warming has been brought to you by God's weather system. Enjoy the day! Third Day is reminding me this morning that there is hope for the hopeless in Christ Jesus. How often do you cry out to Jesus? Does it take a disaster to remind you of the one who died for your sins? For some folks that is the only thing that will get through the clutter of their busy lives. The great tribulation, the time of terrible disasters that is still to come, is the last attempt by God to reach everyone. The Bible says that everyone will know where the disasters come from, but some will remain hard-hearted, shaking their fists at God. How sad that is. We see the depth of God's love as he will take off the restraints in trying to get the attention of every last person on this earth. Those who will choose to reject the Good News forever will instead see God's judgement and will continue to refuse His message of life and hope.

You and I might find the stubbornness of some people very hard to understand in the tribulation to come. We may have experienced only a few life-changing events in our lives, most probably were not disasters, but we came to believe in God through the good times and the bad. In the end times, some of those left behind in rapture of the church will experience all 21 judgements. Like the pharaoh of Egypt in Moses' time, they will continue to reject God. Boggles the mind it does! However, that time has not arrived just yet. We still have time to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Time to save some from the wrath to come. I am glad to hear of web sites proclaiming the love of Jesus, of children coming to know Jesus, of great rallies in mega-churches and the individuals coming to Jesus in smaller churches. Tales of hope are all around us. Don't give up on Jesus, and don't give up on your self!

Hallelujah for the day!


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