Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ol' Noggin? - March 28, 2009

Good Saturday morning! Did you know there was a Mr. Maverick behind the term we use today? If I had heard it before, I forgot somewhere along the way. Calling someone a "bit of a maverick" makes a lot less sense when one finds out the actual historical basis behind the term. Ah well, the language changes with the years. The beauty of American English is in the fact we don't have to speak in code to make it hard for spies to understand us, half of what we say is already in code. :-)

How is it that a fellow who has been dead for a couple of years would know to send a devotional on purity to me this morning? We know that Pastor Rogers has gone to his reward in Heaven, but the Holy Spirit is still here and knows when to send me a reminder. You see this very attractive woman came to my door yesterday, and I am having a spot of trouble getting her out of my mind. The wonderful benefit of living with the Spirit in your heart is when the conscience and the Spirit are both saying 'Whoa there!" to some wrong thoughts bouncing around the ol' noggin.

The sun is shining today, but it looks like another storm is headed our way on Monday. Winter is making its stand this year and doesn't want to let us go quietly into spring. I have probably written that every spring since I started writing. The simple fact is that spring doesn't really start in these parts until later in the season. Like every other season, God calls the start and not some mark on the calender.

Enjoy the nice weekend in Christ!


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